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A Refiller's Guide to Spring Cleaning!

A Refiller's Guide to Spring Cleaning!

Let’s talk about spring-cleaning for a sec. It’s nice to get all that junk you’ve accumulated in your home out of sight & out of mind, but how can you be sure that you’re decluttering with our planet’s best interest in mind?

The easiest way to reduce household junk is by going waste-free. The zero-waste lifestyle empowers you to shop with a purpose & without unnecessary clutter, making your life easier in the long run!

Going room-by-room, here’s how you can declutter your home (without cluttering your local landfill):

Your Kitchen/Pantry.

Dozens of half empty cleaning sprays under your sink, countless cereal boxes in your cupboard, and a complete plastic packaging take-over in your fridge – out of all the rooms in your home, this is where you’ll find the scene of the crime.

Our tips? Ditch plastic & decant! Keep your cupboards (and our planet) tidy by choosing refillable products or visiting your local zero-waste shop to buy your pantry goodies.

Check out our Cleaning Starter Bundle & Pantry Staples Bundles to get started!

Your Bathroom.

Collectively, 520 million shampoo bottles are thrown out by UK households each year. And that’s only your shampoo: packaging waste from your body wash, toothpaste, and skin products also pile up in the long run.

Our tips? Switch to organic, waste-free products! The gentle ingredients will keep your skin soft & your hair lush, and you’ll never run out when you least expect it thanks to our super easy refill system!

Check out Faith in Nature's Jojoba Shampoo, Funky Soap's Charcoal Cleansing Soap Bar, and UpCircle's Coffee Face Scrub to get started!

Your Bedroom.

Alright, where do we even begin?

First off, your closet. DON’T toss anything out - more than 300,000 tonnes of used clothing end up in our landfills every year! Donate any unwanted clothes to a shelter or charity shop or sell them on depop!

Maybe you bought a bedside table because it was 50% off during Black Friday, and now you absolutely hate it. Spring cleaning might be the perfect excuse to chuck it out, but you could also upcycle it and turn it into a statement piece by giving it a bold paint job instead!

Our top tip? Buy less & cut down on mess. We know it’s easier said than done, but even the items you donate or sell may eventually end up in a landfill! Shopping minimally will significantly lower your carbon footprint, and give you less work to do next spring!