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Behind the Scene's with Annie McWilliam of Colt & Willow

Behind the Scene's with Annie McWilliam of Colt & Willow
Run by a wife & husband team, Annie and Tony are a wonderful pair that brought the beautiful Colt & Willow to fruition. If you haven't tried their cleaning range yet, you're missing out! They use plant based formulations, no nasties and are family friendly. The bottles often get mistaken as #art as they are are super stylish and would glam up any kitchen! And yes, the products smell absolutely divine! All you need is a whiff to brighten up your day!


Where did the inspiration come for Colt & Willow? 

There were a few factors that started off Colt & Willow, the first one was we had a baby – before then we hadn’t really given cleaning that much thought, it was just something you fitted in around a busy work and social schedule, but suddenly I was at home a lot and cleaning a lot!

The second was the options that I could find had harsh chemicals and harsh smells with pretty garish packaging. We wanted to create products that uplifted the user in both design and smell and that tied in with the lovely interiors we all try to create in our homes. We found the washing up liquid or an all purpose spray was always out on display and if they were going to be out all the time we thought they could at least look good! 

How many years in the making?

3 years maybe 4 from the first time I floated the idea with Tony. (Tony is Annie's co-founder and amazing husband). 

Was it harder or easier to start up than expected, what was the biggest challenge? 

It’s been fun setting up C&W but there have definitely been a few challenges, mainly that manufacturers are not really interested in working with small orders. But we got there in the end and I think we are really lucky with the suppliers we use. (Of course made in the U.K.!) 

What does a typical day look like?   

Oh gosh chaos – especially at the moment with two little ones at home all the time.  It’s a juggling act.

What is your favourite scent to work with, why?  

Geranium, it’s such a beautiful calming scent. I would literally put it in every product if I thought people were as crazy about it as I am!

 What’s the one thing we should do to make our homes sparkling clean? 

Use good cloths! After scrubbing and wiping away dirt a great microfibre cloth will really add that extra shine to everything. 

What’s your favourite room in the house? Why?  

Ooo this is tricky, probably our bedroom, when I can get into bed and have a bit of peace and quiet, read a good book and let the stress of the day disappear.

What inspires you and keeps you motivated at Colt & Willow? 

All the lovely feedback we get from our customers, it makes us feel like we are heading in the right direction.

What’s been the most sincere feedback you’ve received to date that made you smile?  

We feel very lucky to have lovely feedback both on our website reviews and also getting personal emails from customers. We do love it when we hear that we are inspiring people to actually clean, because it smells so good. It really was important that we created scents that made people feel happy after cleaning, not desperate to open windows because of the harsh chemical smell we are so used to.

Have you read anything inspiring in the last month be it a book an article or a podcast?  

Yes – I am in love with Brene Brown and her new podcast – Unlocking Us. She interviewed Dr. Marc Brackett and I can’t get enough of him.

Do you have a spirit animal? If so what would you be? 

A Dolphin – love being at the beach.

When they’re finally open, what restaurant will you dine at first and what will you order?  

We love Vietnamese cuisine. When we go to back Australia (Melbourne is our food and coffee heaven) to visit the family we literally mainly eat Vietnamese for a few weeks straight!

What’s the first place you’ll travel to once we are able to?  

Can it be two? We have family in Dorset and Melbourne (Australia) and it feels like it’s been a long time since we have seen either sides of our family. So pit stops in both those destinations.

Early bird or Night owl?  

Early bird