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Can laundry smell like bliss? Yes it can!! Meet Wilton

Can laundry smell like bliss? Yes it can!! Meet Wilton
We thought this was a great week to introduce the founder behind Wilton London, Sam Whigham. Wilton just reached a significant milestone attaining a B Corp designation for their business! This is a huge task to take on (can take over a year!) but also an important one. The B Corp institution takes a thorough look at one business to ensure that it is future proofed in regards to its corporate and social responsibility. These businesses adhere to three core principals: People, Planet, Profit; we're so excited for them to say the least!

We first met Sam at a coffee shop near Angel tube station, he was an absolute charmer, we loved hearing all about Wilton and its future plans, especially as refilling was a huge part of them. Sam's attention to detail is second to none, everything was well thought out, and elegantly and carefully presented. There was an immense passion for the products he curated and now we all can all enjoy!  We knew we had to work together and we're pleased we are! Without further ado, below is a little bit of insight into Sam and Wilton. 

Where did the inspiration come for Wilton?
I spent plenty of time and plenty of money making my home smell good with fancy candles and other nice things. But when it came to cleaning products, I thought something was missing. Cleaning products tend to either smell cheap and nasty or lovely but really expensive. So Wilton products smell great, look great and won’t hurt put your wallet on a crash diet.
How many years in the making?
Hmm, I want to say two years, but in reality it was more like five years. I really wanted to get it right, so it took a long time to develop our products, and at the time, I was balancing the development with my ‘real job’.

Were you always involved in the cleaning industry? If not where did you begin your work life journey?
Not at all. I used to be a copywriter! So starting Wilton was a big learning curve – but it’s crazy how much you soak up when you put your mind to it.
What’s your favourite room in the house? Why?
I’m a big fan of light! My front room is bright all day so it’s where you’ll usually find me.
Do you love cleaning? What’s your best trick to make it more fun?
No! of course not. It’s another reason I started Wilton, cleaning is boring. But I think Wilton products make it less of a chore because they work and smell great. When I clean, I clean big, I put the music on really loud (sorry neighbours) and I do it all at once. The results are so satisfying when you do a big clean like that.

What inspires you and keeps you motivated?
I think my main inspiration is improvement. We’re a young business, so there’s loads of room for improvements. We’re always looking at ways to make the products perform better and have a smaller impact on the environment. Behind the scenes we’re juggling new ideas all the time.
What’s your favourite thing you get delivered?
Friday night is takeaway night! 
What was your last feel good moment?
Hmm, I have those all the time, little ones. As I mentioned, we’re always working on little product improvement projects. They’re nearly always impossible but with a bit of perseverance, some of them pull off – I love those little moments.
Have you seen any news this week that inspired you?
Well, I’m writing this in the midst of the Coronavirus outbreak. There’s a lot of inspiring stuff going on and I’m loving seeing how generous we all are when times are tough. The generosity of the nation has inspired Wilton to donate a bunch of cleaning products to our local foodbank and a number of NHS trusts across the UK. It’s a little gesture, but feels good to know we can help.
Favourite spot to hang out in London?
Me and my furry friend Ted spend a lot of time in Haggerston park. It’s a mostly undiscovered walled-garden style park in east London.  When the weather’s good – it’s bliss.
What’s the closest thing to real magic?
Slipping into fresh bedsheets on a Sunday night. (We 100% agree!) 

What's your spirit animal?
Can I say my dog Ted? He’s like my demon from ‘His Dark Materials’. He never leaves my side!
What's a favourite restaurant in your area?
Bratt in Shoreditch. It has a Michelin star but it’s really casual and fun.
Coffee or tea?
Coffee, 5 times a day (Yes, defiantly addicted)