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Community Hot Spots: Dalston

Community Hot Spots: Dalston

First Weibo Bib! 

Located on Balls Pond Road, Weino Bib specialises in fresh and  organic wine. So if you're looking to switch from your Friday night usual, this is the one to try. Weino Bib offers a wide range of different types and flavours with a non-exclusive price range all whilst farming without pesticides and keeping carbon footprint in mind. We spoke to Kirsty, the manager and owner about the deli and it’s home. 

Tell us about Weino Bib

We started in 2015 doing pop ups, I did a wine bar based around boxed natural wines, the main thing was doing organic wine that comes from small farmers. With a bag and box you're looking at 80% saving carbon footprint, you can double the amount of wine without bottles, they ate very carbon heavy so it’s not a good idea. We call ourselves a tap room because we have 20 wines on tap but we also do milk, detergent, olive oil, organic sunflower oil. The idea is that people can bring their own bottles and refill everything here. 


 How did Dalston become the home of the business? 

I’ve been here for 17 years!  I was looking around for a venue and I didn’t want to be in Dalston because I thought it was too saturated, I thought there was too many other businesses. This venue was up for sale and I came to look and I saw the light coming through the window and it had great energy and I could see myself being here. For the first few years I was in here 70 hours a week. 

Have you seen any changes in the community? 

Gentrified central! I think Dalston is still Dalston, but now there is sadly more of a contrast between the money that’s here and the poverty that’s here. It’s weird because you have more affluent people here than ever before but the drug culture is more apparent than it’s been. 

 How do you source your products?

There’s a slow process of replacing things, this social enterprise from Oxford take the Plastic away and bring it back to us for our detergents. Obviously the big thing is our wine, we go to wine tasting,  people also come in and try and sell us wine. We have about 50 suppliers from the shop. There’s some young women who have just started their own pickle company and we buy from them. A guy who made Dalston Chilli we buy a few things from him. We try to be local but then we also have to do Spanish goods and buy from Italy. 

How did 2020 affect the company?

The saddest thing is we had to change our model from refilling to ready made because of the waste. I’ve seen a huge drop off of people using our milk tap, I'm considering sadly doing it after 4 years. There's only so much yogurt I can make. There was almost 10 litres going to waste every week because people weren't coming to refill. Wasting food is criminal! But you have to be savvy about things.

 Any 2021/2022 goals for the business? 

Just to expand and start working with some small pub chains. Making people use boxes and bags rather than throwing glass people away that may get recycled.

What’s your favourite product? 

We make our own butter, I think it’s a staple!



The Dusty Knuckle Bakery

The Dusty Knuckle Bakery is a Bakery and Cafe located on Abbot st in a quiet corner a few minutes from the station. Their aim is to give young offenders opportunities in a workspace they may normally be deprived of. The Dusty Knuckle has been around since 2016, run by owners Max, Becca and Daisy. Mixing the passion of good quality bread and helping out society, the Dusty Knuckle has been able to train previous offenders into skilled workers, making amazing breads,  pastries and more. Even supplying some of the best restaurants in London! Starting with just selling sandwiches from a shipping container, The Dusty Knuckle has exceeded its expectations, but it’s not stopping there. 

And of course they only use the best ingredients. Whilst sourcing their grains from Britain to reduce their environmental impact. Through donations from the community and customers, they recently announced they are expanding Dalston bakery and launching a new cafe in Haringey, after reaching their first goal and again earning more £40,000 in 24 hours! 

You follow and support  the the Kickstarter journey here:

  1. Brunswick East 

Looking for a new breakfast spot? Brunswick East is the place but with a Antipodean twist. Ran by an Aussie sister due the cafe spot has a delicious menu specializing in good Eggs, they even have a “no shit egg rule”. From the coffee to the food everything is made in-house. Not only is the interior decor swish and warm but the outside courtyard feels cozy and light. Why not grab a table this weekend at Stamford Works, Gillett St. 


  1. All Good Beer 

The name All Good Beer really speaks volumes, there’s almost too many to pick from. From a sweet Ale to dry wines, All Good Beer are here to supply Armburt Terrace with an array of delicious drinks as well as Brunswick East as mentioned before. 


They work directly with 100’s of the UK’s leading breweries, as well has Vingerouns from around the world, but even for teetotal there are options from alcohol free beer to Kombucha. All good beer began in Covent Garden in 2016 with owners Libby and Eliot. Through the pandemic they were able to adapt their Business to the unforeseen changes and began offering home deliveries.