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Zero waste & local groceries delivered to your doorstep package-free from independent shops you love. Change the world with your shop :)

How We Work

How We Work
Shop our huge range of sustainable staples

First thing’s first - where are you? On the main page of the charrli website, you’ll be asked to enter your postcode. This is so we can see which of our partnering zero-waste stores is closest to you, so that you can support a local, independent, eco-friendly store! 

Once you’ve entered your postcode, a list of zero waste shops near you will pop up and you can select which one you wish to shop at. You’ll be shown all the products that are available to you, be that pantry items, bodycare, cleaning products, laundry care and the list goes on!

If, by chance, two of our stores are within the vicinity of your postcode (lucky you!) you’re more than welcome to shop at both, but keep in mind that you’ll have to pay a separate delivery fee for each store & your order might arrive on separate dates... If you’re ordering peanut butter from one store and medjool dates from another, you might have to wait a few days to make that delicious + nutritious snack. 



To subscribe or not to subscribe? That is the question…


And we have the perfect answer: it’s completely up to you! 

If you know that your household runs out of pasta every 2 weeks (we’ve been there 😅) then maybe getting a fortnightly subscription will be worth your while! Imagine a world where there’s always spaghetti in your cupboard 😍 Same goes for shampoos, conditioners, laundry detergent... you can have them on different subscription times, shampoo every two months and laundry detergent every month! And if you need to pause, cancel or update, you can do so at the push of a button on your account page.  

On the other hand, if you want to try something new or you know that you only need an item once in a blue moon, maybe a one-off purchase is the right decision for you!



Managing your orders online

The beauty of charrli is that everything’s organised online! No more faffing about in the supermarket, wandering up and down aisles on the hunt for some rogue ingredient, AND NO MORE SINGLE USE PACKAGING… This way, you choose your items and we’ll handle the rest! 

To ensure you receive your items on time, please place your order before 6pm the night before your delivery date! 

And remember, if you have any questions about amending/cancelling an order, please do not hesitate to contact us! One of our lovely team members will get in touch with you promptly to resolve your issue. 



I want to swap a product, is that possible? 

Of course! First, log into your account via the charrli website and enter the ‘Manage Subscriptions’ page. Once you're in, select the order you’d like to change.

Then, click the item you’d like to swap, scroll to the bottom & select ‘Swap product’. This will redirect you to another page where you can search for the exact product you desire using the search box!

Once you’ve decided on the product, enter the quantity, frequency and/or variant and select ‘Swap for this product’ - and you’re done! 



When will my order be delivered?  

This depends on which store you’re ordering from, so here are the delivery dates for each of our partners:

Kilo deliver on ✨Tuesdays✨

Re:Store deliver on ✨Wednesdays & Fridays✨

BYO deliver on ✨Wednesdays✨

Jarr deliver on ✨Wednesdays & Saturdays✨

If you’re not going to be home, please leave us a note for the best place to drop it off. 



Order frequency, additional items and delivery dates? 🤔 

Have you got an order coming up but feel like making a change? Easy peasy, let us explain...

First, log into your account via the charrli website and enter the ‘Manage Subscriptions’ page. Once you're in, select the order you’d like to adjust. 

Need to change your delivery date? Simply click on the ‘Next order’ option & change it to a date when you’re available! You will receive your order on your store’s selected delivery date.

Want to adjust the frequency because you’ve realised you use the item more/less than anticipated? Click ‘Order frequency’ & select an option from the drop down list.



Zero waste to your door and back 

Once we’ve got your order, our speedy cyclist friends will grab your products from your local zero-waste store and deliver them to your doorstep! Zero emissions = happy planet & happy planet = happy us, yay!

Are you a first time customer? WELCOME!

With your first order you’ll receive a beautiful (we might be biased 🤷🏽‍♀️) charrli tote bag, and inside you’ll find all your desired items! 



Super simple returns 

All our products come in returnable containers (reusable glass and reusable, durable plastic) and any packaging that isn't reusable is plastic free and/or recyclable! 

Once you’ve used up all your goodies and you’re left with the empties, simply rinse them out and pop them back into your tote. They’ll be picked up when your next order is due to arrive. 



How do I pause my subscription? 

You can pause or cancel at any time. First, log into your account via the charrli website and enter the ‘Manage Subscriptions’ page. Once you're in, hit the "pause" button next to the item you no longer need and that product will be paused until further notice! 



Rewards are fun! 

Oh, a rewards system you say? 🤑 

That’s right, rewards! With every medium bottle (500ml) purchased & returned, you’ll receive 10 credit points and with every large bottle (1 ltr) you’ll receive 15. 100 points = £1, so your refill gets cheaper and cheaper over time! Keep returning those bottles in order to receive money off your order and keep the cycle going! ♻️



Where are my orders coming from???

Well, that depends entirely on your location, but let’s give you a little overview shall we? 

We Are Kilo

Kilo is a zero-waste store based in Islington. They opened in 2020 & provide locally sourced, sustainable goods, yay! 


Re:Store is a refill shop based in Hackney. Their goal, like ours, is to provide a planet-friendly and plastic-free shopping experience - we love to see it! 


BYO is located in Nunhead Green, providing South London with quality ingredients without the packaging! Their aim is to make this way of shopping accessible to all! 

Jarr Market 

Jarr Market is a bulk and refill supply market in Herne Hill, run by a lovely lady named Jess. Jarr offers plant-based, locally sourced and organic food products, as well as toiletries, cleaning products and re-usable containers.

Greener Habits 

Greener Habits was created in 2018 by a wonderful woman called Hannah and is now based in Walthamstow. They work with ethical makers and food suppliers in order to offer truly low waste and circular products - fab! 

Impact Store 

Impact store is a zero waste shop, located in Finchley, whose products are sustainably and ethically sourced; grown or locally made when possible, made from natural ingredients, free from harmful chemicals and have a low carbon footprint! 

No Waste Jose 

No Waste Jose is an online refill service based in West London run by the dynamic duo: Juliana & Marcela. They started No Waste Jose in order to create a better future for us, our children, and the planet. 

Love Blooms 

Love Blooms is a wonderful flower shop located in Hackney Downs Studios, specialising in natural, seasonal, beautiful floristry.