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New Sustainable Designers: Sacha Beee

New Sustainable Designers: Sacha Beee

Jewellery Maker Sacha Bushby, owner and Designer of Sacha Beee a sustainable Jewellery line explains how her Business came about and gives us insight into what being a sustainable jewellery maker entails. Her ocean-esce necklaces, bracelets and rings all made from reused beads and pearls.

1) Tell us about yourself and how you got into designing. 

To be honest, I never intended to have a business! I have always been such a crafty person, whenever I see something that I like my first thoughts are, how can I make that happen? At university one of my friends wore a pair of earrings I had made and she got so many compliments that she encouraged me to make some more. I used some colourful threads from my granny to make tassels, we did a mini photoshoot and I set up an instagram to post the photos on. Fast forward 3 years and here we are today!  

2) What made you want to be sustainable when designing? 

 Over the past few years I have become increasingly more conscious of how consumption can impact the planet. I try to practice slowly living in all aspects of my life and, of course, Sacha Beee is a big part of that. I believe that second-hand doesn’t mean second best and that we can all do our part to be conscious in the way that we shop. I want to show people the beauty in sustainability and encourage people to adapt their lifestyles little by little. 

3)  Where do you source your materials? 

Circularity is at the core of Sacha Beee so all of my beads and threads are second hand. I used to source them all from charity shops and second hand craft shops, but when the first lockdown hit, this wasnt possible. As a result I started a BeadCycle scheme where people can send me their old jewellery and beads in exchange for a voucher. This has really connected me with my customers and the process of turning breathing life into old materials.


4) What is your favourite thing to design? 

Bespoke orders are always my favourite thing to do. Customers often commission me to make a piece of jewellery to match an outfit. I love coming up with new styles to fit their personality and finding colours that work perfectly for them. The whole process is really fulfilling. 

5) Any tips for aspiring jewellery designers? 

Stay true to your values and price your work according to the effort that goes into it, not what people’s budgets are. 

6) How would you describe your jewellery style? 

Creative glam!

7) What goes into creating sustainable jewellery? 

A lot of time and a lot of thought! Everything that I make is one-of-a-kind so batch making isn’t an option for me. Each individual piece has to be photographed and then uploaded to the website. Another thing that takes time is sourcing the metals. I have to research what I am buying to make sure that it aligns with my brand and then I have to test it out to see if it is as high quality as it says it is. It is all so worth it though to know that my brand is not having a negative impact on the planet.

8) Do you think the fashion/jewellery industry is pushing enough for sustainable designers to be noticed? 

I think that the fashion industry is pushing sustainability but I am concerned that the efforts are really superficial and that true sustainable brands (as opposed to fast fashion brands with ‘conscious’ collections) are not given that same attention. It is really easy to turn a blind eye to the impact of fast fashion, especially with the amount of greenwashing that goes on. This undermines the work of sustainable designs and makes it incredibly difficult for us to price our work fairly.

9) What are your future goals for your brand? 

I would love to develop my skills working with precious metals and work with more recycled sterling silver. 

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