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Sustainable Hot Spots: Hammersmith & Chiswick

Sustainable Hot Spots: Hammersmith & Chiswick

West London is a great part of the capital city - it’s easy to get to, it’s green and there’s a growing and thriving sustainable community, with lots of things to do and delicious places to eat! If you were to go on a day out to West London this is how you'd do it the charrli way...

Hammersmith and Chiswick are doing more and more to embrace the circular economy and engage the community to do better in general. Big and small businesses alike have been trying their best to keep sustainability in mind in everything they do, which is truly great to see! An Ikea is set to open soon in Hammersmith (it was pushed back due to the pandemic) offering a new service in which you can take back your old furniture and home goods to be recycled and repurposed in exchange for cash, meaning less will end up in landfill AND you get some money back! Money which you could spend on some goodies from charrli...just saying 💁🏽‍♀️

Walk past Hammersmith Station to start the journey. Down the road to The Gate, a wonderful vegan and vegetarian restaurant, that’s also autism friendly. Located minutes away from the river, just behind the Hammersmith Apollo, The Gate offers a wide selection of healthy and delicious food. It’s definitely a great place to start the day out in West London filling you up with nourishing food. I would recommend you try the Courgette Flowers, the Red Thai Curry or the Wild Mushroom Risotto Cake! 

After your delicious & nutritious meal, next stop is Eat17, a small supermarket across the street offering refill pantry goods and household items, as well as a deli counter and fresh baked in-house bread. They offer nearly everything a regular supermarket does but source mainly from local businesses, even down to beer which comes from Portobello Brewery - only 2 miles away! Ben, the store manager says, “community is the most important thing, it’s what a business needs in order to do well” and that “we are here for the customers so offering what they want and need is essential!”. He says that Eat17 try to be as sustainable as possible “we do our best, we have refill stations which gets rid of a lot of plastic waste, and any stock that is nearing its end date is donated or sold via apps like Too Good To Go”. The coffee is a must try! 

So, with coffee in hand from Eat17, walk down the river past Hammersmith Bridge towards Chiswick. A quiet & picturesque walk - especially if you're lucky with the weather - expect to see boats, ducks and swans!  

In Chiswick, there’s a whole range of sustainable hotspots. I suggest going down to the Source Bulk foods by Turnham Green Station. Fizzy sweets are a must, but they also sell gifts such as a selection of chocolates from their refill station and luxurious soaps. It's refill galore at this branch of The Source Bulk Foods & it’s done incredibly well since opening, with more and more people in the area ditching plastic packaging and opting for refill & reuse. 

On the weekend, the hustle and bustle of the local community is at a high! On the first Sunday of every month, from 9am – 3.30pm, the main car park on the high street is turned into a flower market - buying from independent florists and crop growers has never been easier! Aesthetic arrangements and beautiful bouquets as well as plants and herbs to start your own garden... The local Zero Waste Club organises meet ups in various locations around Chiswick. Planting things, exchanging thoughts on how to lead a more sustainable life and even swapping recipes using seasonal produce! If you're in the area, definitely take look! 

Down the road from The Source Bulk Foods is No 197 Chiswick Fire Station, a gorgeous bar and restaurant that has sustainability at the forefront of everything it does! They've been in Chiswick fora few years now and serves as a place for locals to go for brunch, to work at or for a late night-cap. They have their own on-site garden, growing produce and herbs and adapting their menu depending on what's in season and looking tasty, and in the process avoiding food miles and co2 emissions. We LOVE to see it! And that’s not all, they use GM-free rapeseed oil in their kitchens which then gets turned into biofuel (!!!) and everything they use in the restaurant is recyclable, reusable and with sustainability at forefront! They also make a point of giving back to local communities and charities. You’ll notice that for some items on the menu a portion of what you pay is donated to an allocated charity - could this place get any better??? Oh wait, it could: the drinks are to die for  

So, after a Watermelon Aperol Spritz (or 2...) head down to Royal Trinity Hospice. Charity shopping is a better alternative to the current trend of shopping fast fashion. Clothes are given a new lease of life AND it’s usually easier on your wallet, if you know what I mean. I love this particular charity shop because not only does it support local hospices, but they have the environment in mind and emphasise on the importance of shopping consciously! Also, their stock is impeccable! Here, you can find Chanel, Miu Miu, Prada and Hugo Boss at very affordable prices, as well as gorgeous jewellery and small home style pieces - they clearly have good taste. 

A great day out if do say so myself... and make sure to tag us if you follow our nifty route around West London!