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How can you get involved to help the planet!

How can you get involved to help the planet!

With climate change a hot topic and with so many of us wanting to help put a stop to it, now’s the perfect time to start thinking about how we can make a positive change within the communities we live in. But where do you start? And can you really make a difference?

The answer is a resounding yes! While it may seem like an uphill battle, there’s so much opportunity for us all to do our bit – even if that means starting off small. So, are you up for the challenge? If so, we’ve got some top tips on how you can get involved in your community whilst doing your bit for the climate. 

Don’t buy new clothes — rent them!

Fast fashion is becoming a problem. In the UK, we buy more clothes per person than any other country in Europe. This is largely because in the last decade, clothes have become cheaper, fashion trends have quickly changed and online shopping has become far too easy. Buying new clothes might not seem like an issue, but did you know:

  • 700 gallons of water is used to make one cotton shirt. 
  • It takes 80 years for clothes to break down in landfills.
  • The fashion industry produces 10% of the world’s emissions. 

If these facts scare you, fear not. By Rotation has come up with a fantastic scheme which allows you to rent designer clothes instead of buying them. 

It’s simple! 

List and rent your mid-to-high end fashion items in less than 2 minutes, then rotate your clothes with other people using the app. Everything gets returned, so the aim is to try and prolong the life of clothes that still have plenty more gas left in the tank. 

However, we get it. If you really need to invest in new clothes or can’t resist your fashion fix, why not recycle the clothes you no longer want? You can find recycling points up and down the country, but many High Street stores (including H&M and FatFace) now have I:CO recycling boxes in their stores. All you have to do is drop off your unwanted clothes, shoes and textile items (including bedding) into any I:CO box, then I:CO will take them away to recycle and reuse. That way, you can get your fashion fix while doing good too. 

Discover I:CO’s partners.

Sack off the car

Despite the emergence of electric models, there’s no such thing as a ‘green’ car. Cars emit a deadly cocktail of gases, including CO2 emissions that are considered the biggest threat to pollution. It’s a pretty scary fact, but it’s not too late to stop the damage. 

The next time you need to hop in the car, try walking or cycling instead. Not only is this great news for the environment, but there are so many health benefits the mind and body can enjoy, too. 

If you really need to travel by car, why not give car sharing a go? You might be able to save yourself a tonne of cash while making new friends. And if you’re near a bus stop or train station — well it’s a no-brainer, right? 

Waste not, want not

Eyes bigger than your belly? We’ve all been there, especially when you do the weekly food shop on an empty stomach. But did you know that a staggering 30-40% of food produced in the world is never eaten? That’s an eye-watering statistic. 

The reason why this is such a problem is because when thrown into landfill, food waste produces an extortionate amount of methane, emitting harmful gases as it rots and degrades. These gases are 25 times more harmful than carbon dioxide when it comes to trapping heat in the atmosphere

So this is our challenge to you. Next time you go food shopping, only buy what you actually need. The good news is treats are on the menu — as long as they’re eaten. If it helps, perhaps sack off the weekly shop and go every few days instead. This also means that the meat, fruit and vegetables you buy are guaranteed to be fresh. Win-win!

If you want to go even further with reducing your food waste, Olio has created an app that allows you to share your unwanted food with your community. They want us to ask ourselves “When did sharing food become weirder than wasting it?”, so encourage you to give your food away instead of throwing it in the bin.

To get started, simply add your leftover food to the free app and then someone who wants it you will contact you. They’ll then come and collect it at a time convenient to you both. Or you can use it the other way round and search for free food, too. 

Spread the word

Sharing is caring, so shout these top tips from the rooftops and encourage everyone to get involved. There’s power in numbers and by working together, we can move mountains — or at least stop them from melting. 

Head to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin — or any website your friends use, and show them in simple steps what they can do to help the climate. They might be surprised by just how easy it is… 

Other easy ways to help the climate in your community:

  • Remember to take reusable plastic bags whenever you go to the shops.
  • Think before you print.
  • Take your lunch to work in reusable plastic containers. 
  • Use energy-saving light bulbs. 
  • Keep your showers short to save water. 
  • Sign up to a refill delivery or zero waste delivery service - like yours truly,