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Colt and Willow

“Most people don’t realise that our homes are full of harmful toxins—& the products we use to clean with are damaging our health, our skin & our loved ones. Having children changed the way we viewed our home and the world we live in. It became important to make sure our house was safe for them to crawl, lick and touch!

So, we spent 3-years on what became our passion: to create a range of powerful, plant-based cleaning products that look good, smell good & do good—transforming the cleaning experience for you, your family, your home & the environment.

No matter where the art of cleaning sits on your priority list, we hope it’s made a whole lot more enjoyable –dare we say pleasurable.Finally they are ready to share so that others can clean as confidently as we do –safe & happy in the knowledge that it’s now a toxic-free task, and another small step towards saving the planet.”

Annie McWilliam, Colt & Willow co-founder

Behind Colt & Willow

Behind Colt & Willow