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Farm Soap Co

We hand make natural, botanical soaps and small batch skincare products from plant based and marine ingredients. We source, grow and cold process natural ingredients to create seasonal body and hair care products with care and a sense of place.

We are passionate about natural, seasonal skincare with a sense of place.

In autumn and winter we use plants from warmer climes for essential oils. In the spring and summer we grow and distill skincare herbs and flowers from an organic walled garden. Dorset Sea Salt and seaweeds are sourced from the shores of the Jurassic Coast.

All our products are vegan, cruelty free and gentle, leaving skin and hair clean, soft and moisturised. The fragrances are delicate and natural.

From farm to face beauty. The only way skincare should be! 

Silvana De Soisson 

Behind Farm Soap

Behind Farm Soap

Soap has been around for millions of years, yet the artwork behind it continues to amaze. Slow, steady patience is crucial to soap making. Even more so when growing the ingredients yourself. You could argue that it takes a season or two to make Silvana's soaps. From sowing the seeds to harvesting the herbs to drying and infusing the carrier oils with all the bountiful ingredients. Then the process of actually combining all the ingredients, melting and curing. Romantic for us to hear about but hard work for the most part. We went behind the scene into Silvana's day to day. Learn more in link below.