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Fushi Wellbeing

Born in 2008, Fushi meaning ‘eternal life’, began with the combined cultural heritage of Rannesh Jansari and Ria Pattni and from Ayurvedic family recipes handed down by their grandparents who blended oils and infused herbs to create
naturl remedies.

Still following the original recipes and hand blending ingredients in our London workshop today, we continue to build even stronger relationships with our growers to deliver pure, quality, carefully created products which enhance the wellbeing of customers.

Behind Fushi

Behind Fushi

Ria and Rannesh have truly built something special with Fushi Wellbeing. Traditional Ayurvedic recipes are used to craft each product. All ingredients are sustainably sourced, but they go a step further, they often travel to Sri Lanka to meet the indigenous people that and help grow the crops and even help harvest. Once the crops are harvested they are shipped fresh to London where they hand-press and grind before they are added to each batch. The textures are luxurious! Here's bit on insight into there day to day. 

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