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La Eva

Louisa Canham started her career as a clinical psychologist, gaining an Oxford Doctorate and specialising in the field of adolescent mental health. Having discovered the art of making cold process soap several years earlier, Louisa decided to take an open ended break from psychology and opened an artisan studio in 2014.

LA-EVA has organically evolved from there into a unique brand that eclectically draws on threads of inspiration and knowledge acquired on this unconventional - left of centre - personal journey. 

‘LA-EVA stems from a spirit of joie de vivre, builds on artisan roots, and aligns naturally with the organic movement. LA-EVA comes together where the senses meet skincare, where luxury is aligned with simplicity and where body & mind are treated as one.’ – Louisa Canham, Founder

laeva / latin adj.( f ) meaning left of centre

[Eva] /e:va/ female name meaning life living one mother of life full of life

Behind La Eva

Behind La Eva

Louisa Canham is the brains and the creative behind La Eva. If you ever get to visit her workshop, about an hours train ride in the Oxfordshire countryside, you'll enter into her beautiful studio which is just breathtaking. Pampas grass and dried lavender decorate the restored wooden tables, beautiful artisans ceramics fill the walls, and best of all the tantalising scents of La Eva products fill the room. We have a special interview below. 

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