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We will be closed for summer holidays from Aug 12th, back in September! Please note, we will be closed till October.
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With refilling, you can take back control over needless waste.

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By Refilling, You...

Help reduce the 8 million tonnes of waste that end up in our oceans. By 2050 it's predicted that plastic will outnumber fish so lets prevent this from happening.

Help save the unnecessary deaths of over 1 million humans and 100 million animals each year.

Help promote environmental education so future generations think about solution oriented initiatives.

Partner with inspiring and impactful organisations that are already making a change within the community.

Proudly Supporting

Just One Ocean

"Just one Ocean is committed to preserving the ocean for future generations through science, education and communication."

To date they’ve done some impressive work such as:

  • ✓ Building a data science platform on microplastics for scientists, governments and NGOs
  • ✓ Developed a platform for beach cleans ( 56 beach cleans have been organised since October 2019
  • ✓ Supported 11 research projects in the last 12 months that tackle climate change issues

Hestia via The Beauty Bank

We met the fabulous Jo Jones from Beauty Banks at a GRL PWR talk in London, she put us in touch with the incredible Hestia Charity. Hestia provides support for those experiencing homelessness, domestic abuse, modern slavery and mental health issues. charrli will be donating cleaning and hygiene products to their shelters in London because everyone should have access to self-care.

Refillers Rejoice...

"You are each preventing approximately 6000 plastic bottles entering landfills per year"