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Faith in Nature Grapefruit & Orange Shampoo

Trigger head

Robust trigger head


This soap is incredible and it smells better than any soap I've ever had.

Love this sponge

My complexion has really improved since I've started using this sponge! I like how it gently exfoliates my skin and its not too rough. And all natural which I love.

Love this olive oil

It's the luscious kind you want to dip your bread in

great moisturiser. I combine this with a face oil. It doesn't clog my pores and is lightweight.

Great at removing make up and smells amazing

No guilt laundry! I always felt terrible throwing away my plastic containers, no more, its all refillable. Thanks so much charrli for making this happen

Love the ethos of this company! And they make fantastic products as well.

its great, clothes come out soft and its vegan! So no animal fat like traditional fabric conditioners :)


its concentrated so only need a little and the smell is great, not overpowering like supermarket ones

Nice conditioner

Leaves my hair feeling soft and smooth

Easy and Delicious

I don't need to think about snack time, I just order this bundle and I'm sorted. Nutritious and delicious.

So easy!

I don't even have to think about it, I can throw these necessities in my bag and i'm off! And I can feel guilt free on my holiday as I'm travelling zero waste! You are the best charrli!

Easy Bundle

This bundle is great for a quick work trip or weekend away. Only wish it had a toothbrush and it would be complete!

Improved my skin

I found the combination of these products really improved my complexion. I wish the cream was thicker as I have very dry skin but overall really liked this bundle.

So yummy!

What a great mix of healthy snacks and delicious treats! Great for my whole family. And the fact that its zero-waste makes me feel so much better.

Perfect for snack time

This is a great bundle for snack time with my kids - a mix of healthy and delicious! It's also really affordable!

Great for removing make up and giving a massage. I use a cleanser afterward (please stock one!)

Great products, great price

Everything you need when you go away. I am absolutely obsessed with the hand sanitiser and makes me feel super protected. Smells good too, most hand sanitisers smell horrible. I also am a big fan of the shampoo bar, it really works and I love the smell. Very affordable too.

Honey for the skin

The only body wash I use. Feels like a non-stick honey. Its nice and thick, lathers well and is hydrating.

Great idea for bundle

Love this bundle. Its great for when I go away for the weekend. I've never tried toothpaste tablets before and it was different at first but I now have converted over. And the fact that everything is low waste / zero waste makes me so pleased.

All the refill snacks

Cupboard is fully stocked! (for myself lol)

Perfect mix

I like having snacks around the house, nice variety of savoury and sweet and i don't have to think about organising

What a deal!

I've looked for bottles like this before and they are so expensive. Can't believe how affordable this bundle is. And these bottles look so nice in my house. Love it!