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We will be closed for summer holidays from Aug 12th, back in September! Please note, we will be closed till October.
Zero waste & local groceries delivered to your doorstep package-free from independent shops you love. Change the world with your shop :)

Local, Package-Free Shopping

Get your favourite local shopping delivered to your doorstep all package free. Support your high street while saving the planet.

Shop in your local area


518 Holloway Rd, London N7 6JD
Delivery Days: Monday

Kilo is a refill shop based along Holloway Road, with no plastic or unnecessary packaging in sight. charrli works with Kilo to deliver your zero waste shopping to the Islington and North London area. Shop with less plastic.


Hackney Downs
Delivery: Tues; Wed; Friday

"I'd love to have a positive impact on the community and the planet, increasing the number of people who shop consciously and packaging free" - Megan Adams


147 Evelina Rd SE15
Delivery: Thurs

"I had recently started living on a canal boat which makes you hyper aware of how you use your resources, the waste you produce and how it affects the environment you're living in." - Laura Hipkiss

Jarr Market

19 Moon Lane
Delivery: Wed, Sat

"Individual action, when multiplied by a community, is powerful enough to trigger significant change, not only through our everyday purchases but in changing our mentality towards consumption, and that’s what inspired me to start Jarr."

- Jess R.

Greener Habits

Mon - Fri

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