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I've never liked the smell of home care products. Yes, they might smell better than a dirty home but they're also packed full of harsh chemicals that I don't like wafting around my home. The laundry aisle is no different. It's full of made up scents like 'Laundry Fresh' and 'Moonlight Harmony' - I mean, what the hell is 'Moonlight Harmony'.  

So we've made a laundry care range that actually smells like something you'd want to wear. We ditched a load of harsh chemicals and threw in some natural essential oils to create a laundry detergent that smells as good as a top notch cologne.

But it's more than just smelling clean, I wanted a clean conscience too. That's why our formulas are designed to be kind to the environment.

Sam, Founder.

Behind Wilton

We first met Sam at a local coffee shop near Angel tube stop. His energy and enthusiasm for the environment and all things cleaning was a breath of fresh air. We loved trying out the Wilton product line, they are now a staple in our households! Read our interview to get some insight into his day to day. 

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