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Assam GBOP Loose Leaf Tea (organic)


Assam GBOP Loose Leaf Tea (organic)


Our Assam is a Black tea from the Tonganagaon estate in India, which has belonged to the Lohia family since 2008. Tasting notes for this tea are: Lively, malty and full bodied.

The tea garden was established in 1927, and the Lohia family is the 6th generation in the business. The estate is 1,240 hectares and the cultivated tea plantation is 535 hectares. Around 6,000 people live on the estate, and 1,400 people work with the tea. Assam is a region in Northern India, and one of the oldest in the country to produce tea. The British took tea from China and found a similar climatic area in India in which to grow it. Assam is widely drunk in the UK, as it has a popular ‘all round’ flavour and can be enjoyed with or without milk.

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