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BeeBee Wrap - Bread Wrap - charrli
BeeBee Wrap - Bread Wrap - charrli
BeeBee Wrap - Bread Wrap - charrli
BeeBee Wrap - Bread Wrap - charrli
BeeBee Wrap - Bread Wrap - charrli


BeeBee Wrap - Bread Wrap


The wrap is made with organic cotton, jojoba oil and natural dyes, beeswax from British bees whose keepers follow the Bee Farmer’s Association’s code of conduct and tree resin responsibly sourced from European forests. 

One bread wrap - 45 x 55 cm

The are giant and super versatile. Not only are they perfect for wrapping a loaf of bread, they can also cover tray bakes, leftovers in the casserole dish and create a salad bag for week long green leaves. 

The work great and keep food fresher for longer. 

Simply fold the wrap around you bread roll, casserole dish or whatever you want to protect against the elements. To clean, only use hand washing. Wraps should remain sticky for dozens of uses, however if they start loosing the stick, it is recommended to buy a bar of beewax and rub all over the wrap. It should last you years.

BeeBee is awesome as they help households cut down on waste but replacing cling wrap with beeswax wraps - revolutionary! The company was started by a fabulous entrepreneur Kath Austin who wanted to keep her bread fresh, she started selling on Etsy and ended up having a successful Dragons Den launch!

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