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Reusable Glass Sirop Bottle - charrli


Amber glass bottle 500ml Pump/Trigger spray


Perfect glass bottle to store liquids - can be used for cleaning, lotions, hand washes, you name it. The bottles are made in Europe and manufactured from recycled glass.

Glass is hygienic and can be infinitely reused and they look ultra chic on the shelf. Did someone say shelfie? 

Can be purchased with aluminium screw caps, with spray nozzle or with pump.

Sand, soda ash and limestone

If you're looking to create your own lotions and cleaning products are home, these are fantastic to use as storage. The amber bottles have more UV protection.

Glass is Awesome as it can be infinitely recycled (unlike plastic), it is hygienic and can be used over your lifetime. Glass does break so be careful around ledges and flailing hands.

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