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Maistic Scrubber


Maistic Scrubber


Plastic free, bio-based and reusable.
Only a few drops of soap is needed for your environmentally friendly dishwashing.

Now you can say goodbye to polluting plastic scourers forever. And hello to eco-friendly cleaning.

MAISTIC Bio Kitchen Scrubber is efficient for all types of more rough cleaning – in kitchen and bathroom, indoors and outdoors and for all kinds of surfaces that you want to clean.

You might already know sponges made from wood-based cellulose. The great, soft sponges are bio-based, plastic free, they do not crumble and it is washable. So use it again and again. The scourer part and the sponge part are sewed, not glued, together.

The scourer part of the Maistic Bio Kitchen Scrubber is made from the loofah plant. The cucumber-like loofah fruit is dried and smaller parts are sewed to the white cellulose sponge.

Maistic is an AWESOME brand that is on a mission to provide effective household items that are plastic free and eco-friendly. The alternatives to everyday household items they provide are plastic fee and fully compostable. Household items from sponges to bing bags becomes a helpful part of the ecosystem instead of one that produces waste upon waste. How AWESOME is that!

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